Youth Point is your place to be for classes geared toward little hands and big imaginations. Youth Activities will be hosted the following days and times:

Classes: Friday-Sunday 10am-1pm

Youth Classes

Class schedule will be posted daily at Youth Point @ the Stone Tables near Merchants Row. Come join us to learn how to make things from your own butter to Learning to play Magic the Gathering. We will have crafts, activities and story time. There will also be classes for youth armored combat.

10:00 AMDungeons and Dragons
10:30 AMPotpourri bags
11:00 AMMagic the gathering
11:30 AMViking Whipcord
12:00 PMYouth Combat Pell Class
12:30 PMPinecone owls
10:00 AMD&D
10:30 AMMagic Acadamy
11:00 AMYouth Combat Pell Class
11:30 AMWrist parrot
12:00 PMButter making
10:00 AM
10:30 AMBraclet making
11:00 AMPinecone owls
11:30 AMMagic Academy
12:00 PMStory time with Dushenka de la Marguerite

Family Bardic Circle at Open Arms Bardic Hall

THL Thomas “True” Whitehart will be performing Saturday @ 4pm and Sunday @11:30am.

Come over to Open Arm’s Bardic Hall to be regaled with tails and songs by True Thomas and Friends

Classes are susceptible to change, may require a fee, or have a cap size because of limited materials.

Parents, remember we can’t do this without you. If you have a craft or activity to share with our kids come teach a class and show the next generation why we love this game so much. Please sign up here if you are interested in teaching a class:

Youth Class Proposal Sign Up

If you would like to host a class, sing a song, or conduct a demonstration, please contact the Potrero Youth Activity Steward, Lady Gwenhwyar verch Owein or Lady Melles Erszebet.

Family Bardic Concert Sunday @7pm. Location: Open Ramada

What better way to round out the weekend than a bardic circle full of Family Fun with our Bards and their shenanigans

Games and Activities

For those who are just looking for something fun to play with friends, look no further…. We have games and activities for you too!

Join us on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for Dungeons and Dragons 10-2pm and Magic the Gathering – check class schedule for times!


Children or all ages are welcomed at Youth Point and younger children must be accompanied by an adult. Please refrain from the urge to drop your child off and check out Merchants. We want to create a safe and fun space for our children and that starts with you.

Rules and Regulations: All minors NOT attended by their parent or legal guardian ABSOLUTELY MUST have a Minor’s Waiver and a Minor’s Medical authorization form SIGNED AND NOTARIZED by the Minor’s parent or legal guardian.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS PAPERWORK YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE PARK. Parents or guardians are responsible for their children’s whereabouts at all times. All children 8 years old or younger must wear the colored wrist ID bands obtained at Gate check-in. Lost children will be released to their legal guardian — over 18 — only. For the complete set of rules pertaining to minors/children, please visit the Rules and Regs Page.

The minor’s forms with notary space can be found here: