Time to suit up for Battle!

Youth combat is open to all youth fighters ages 6-17. We strive to provide a safe and fun environment where the youth of the SCA can participate in martial activities, mirroring adult Armored Combat, at an age-appropriate level. The goal is to introduce and reinforce the ideals of chivalry, honor, courtesy, service, and heraldic pageantry, both on and off the list field. The program stresses good sportsmanship and parental participation.

New this year we have loaner gear available for Youth Combat.

Check in at Youth Point for more details.

Youth can also try their hand at Thrown Weapons and Archery during regular hours for each range. Please See Thrown Weapons and Archery for more details.

The Beast of Calafia Strikes Again

The Beast of Calafia is back again! This time in his efforts to claim Potrero as his own he has kidnapped the Reeves. Our Baron and Baroness need your help to save the Reeves and protect the future of our barony!

Meet up to slay the beast starts at 9am on Saturday at Base Camp.

This is a Youth Armored Combat event so grab your gear and suit up! Loaner gear is available to check out on a limited basis

Important Information for Parents/Legal Guardians:

Although we strive for safety at all times injuries may occur, therefore parents/guardians must remain present!

Parents and Guardians please understand any form of combat is a contact sport!

  • Each participating youth must have their site token to show the appropriate waivers have been completed.
  • Only parents or guardians may sign their child in. Children under the age of 13 will be released to their parent/guardian.
  • Participants must have closed toe shoes and suitable clothing.
  • Per SCA rules- Parents /guardians are requested to remain present while their child is participating in a youth combat activity. Youth combat is not a babysitting service. (Present is defined as within sight and sound)
  • Loaner Gear will be limited and used on a rotating schedule. This may result in less time on the field. It is highly encouraged to bring your own gear.
  • Skill Activities will be open to all fighters, regardless of age, that can demonstrate the ability to follow the rules.
  • Parents/guardians and other observers are expected to act with courtesy and behave in a respectful and responsible manner towards the fighters, marshals and other adults when in the list area.
  • Parents/Guardians are encouraged to help. We cannot do this without you! Please sign-up at iVolunteer.  Volunteer hours will be given for those helping.

Armor & Weapons:

Loaner Gear will be offered on a limited basis. Loaner gear is available on a rotating schedule to allow for sanitation between fighters

For those who chose to take on the Beast of Calafia, Limited Loaner Gear will be available. Please sign up by Friday at 4pm at Youth Point or during Youth Combat on the battlefield

Fighter’s with their own equipment do not need to sign up.

Youth will enter the field with their division and remain there at the marshals discretion. A weapons and armor inspection will take place prior to each youth entering the field. Armor and weapons standards are based upon the May 2019 Caid Youth Handbook and its errata. The MIC has the authority to disallow anything that does not conform to SCA rules or deemed inappropriate or unsafe.

Loaner Gear:

***UPDATE**** Loaner gear WILL be available for youth to engage in Armored and Rapier combat. Please note that due to limited amount of loaner gear that this may limit time on the field to allow others to play as well

Armored Combat Battle Scenarios:

All scenarios will be run with Division 1 (6-9 years) first, followed by Division 2 (10-13 years) and then Division 3 (14-17 years). Start times for each division will vary based upon the number of youths present and the availability of loaner gear. Higher divisions will be rotated in throughout most events. This allows for more time on the field for everyone. Fighters may remain in mixed ages battles at the marshals discretion. The mixed-age battles will be run by the guidelines for the youngest members on the field. Parents/guardians of younger children will be asked for their consent to allow their child to remain on the field with the mixed age groups.

Scenarios may include Castle Battles, Bridge battles, Mad Dog and Resurrection scenarios as well as other games. These will be determined by the Youth Combat Marshals based on the number of combatants, weapon types, and skill levels present.

It is expected that fighters participating in youth combat at Potrero have had some youth combat experience. We strongly encourage you to seek out a youth combat practice before coming to war to familiarize your child with the rules. However, we understand not all youths have this opportunity. Unfortunately, we do not have time to give sufficient training to each youth prior to each event. Therefore, a class will be offered on Thursday to explain the rules and a “brief” field authorization will take place prior to the youths entering the list.

Rules of the List, and Armor and Weapons standards will be based upon the current rules set forth in the May 2019 Caid Society Youth Marshal Handbook ps://wp.sca-caid.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Youth-Martial-Handbook-for-CAID-rev-May17-2019-1.pdf and its errata https://wp.sca-caid.org/youth-marshal-handbook-errata/

For more information or any questions about youth combat or on armor and weapons please contact the Youth Combat Marshal, Lady Melles Erszebet.

Volunteer Information

Parents we cannot run youth combat without your help! We can use help assisting with things like sign-in/out, sanitizing swords and and helping the children gear up. This frees up the marshals to be on the field running the games. Authorized Youth Combat marshals and MiT’s are always welcome. Volunteer hours will be given for your help. Please sign up on War Volunteer Sign-Up page or talk to the MIC. Thank you in advance for your service.

Youth Combat Schedule

Please note the new changes to Potrero War 2023 Youth Combat Schedule. This is subject to change with more details following as we get closer to War.

For Full Schedule please visit Youth Point.


Youth Armored Combat Pell Class – Time 11am. Location: Youth Point

Castle Battle – Location – Armored Battle Field. Time: 3pm

Youth Archery – Location Archery Field. Time: See Archery Schedule

Youth Thrown Weapons – Location: Thrown Weapons Field. Time: See Thrown Weapons Schedule


Beast of Calafia Battle – Time: 9am. Location: Base Camp Note: Loaner is available, please sign up by Friday at Youth point or during youth combat on the battlefield

Youth Armored Combat Pell Class – Time 11am. Location: Youth Point

Youth Archery – Location: Archery Field. Time: See Archery Schedule

Youth Thrown Weapons Training. Location: Thrown Weapons Field. Time: See Thrown Weapons Schedule


Youth Thrown Weapons Training. Location: Thrown Weapons Field. Time: 11am

Youth Thrown Weapons Competition. Location: Thrown Weapons Field. Time: 12pm

Youth Archery – Location: Archery Field. Time- See Archery Schedule

Youth Armored Melees at Youth Point Erics – Time 1pm