The new volunteer website will require that you have a valid email address. Please do not use an email address that requires a confirmation after sending or human interaction as this will not be possible and your volunteer sign-up will expire.

How do I sign up?
Volunteer sign-up 101: The process is very easy. Go to the War Volunteer Sign-Up page. There you can choose the type of activity you want to volunteer for. Find a slot that is available and click on the Volunteer header for the shift that you want to sign up.

Fill out the form and then click the Volunteer button on the bottom.

You will receive an email requiring you to confirm your shift. This step is required so that your email address is verified. Your email will be used to keep you informed in case there are any changes and to remind you of your shifts. After the first confirmation, you will not be required to confirm your email and can register for many more shifts.

Why do some positions require pre-authorization or are restricted?
Some positions require prior experience or specialized training to volunteer. Because of this, it is required that the volunteer steward for that position pre-authorize anyone who would like to volunteer for those shifts.

It is easiest if you are already registered with the site and signed up for a volunteer shift. This will allow us to retrieve your information from the database. If you are not already registered, please sign up for a Volunteer Pool slot. This will ensure you have a profile in the system, and the Volunteer staff can move your registration to the requested slot once it is approved.

How do I get pre-authorized for a restricted position?
Each position has a contact listed in the description. Please email that contact and provide the following information you plan to use to register on the site. Please note, this must match exactly to what you plan to use.

First Name
Last Name
Email address
SCA Name

Once that information has been sent to the steward and approved, they will add you to the pre-authorization list and you will be able to sign up for the restricted position.

I want to volunteer with my friend, but I don’t know their modern name.
If you do not know someone’s modern name and know their SCA name, you can display a volunteer’s SCA name by clicking on the + next to a persons name.

Oh No! I can’t make it to WAR after all, how do I cancel my volunteer shift?
If you have already signed up for a volunteer shift and need to cancel, use the link in your confirmation e-mail to return to your page. Click on the “Cancel” button within the details of the scheduled slot to cancel. If you have not confirmed your slot you do not need to do anything. If you lost your link click on the ‘Re-Send My Link’ button at the bottom of the volunteer sign-up page.

Volunteering appears to be closed. How do I volunteer?
The volunteer site will be closed a few days before war. This prevents people from signing up for shifts after the final list has been printed. This does not mean you are unable to volunteer. It just means you cannot use the online site. When you get to war, go to the volunteer booth and let them know you are interested in volunteering and they can show you the open shifts.