We need at least one additional marshal for every ten fighters on the field. Please think of marshaling at least one scenario if you can. Non-fighters are welcome to serve as border marshals, even if they are not warranted Marshals.

Any volunteers interested in marshaling may report to Marshal’s Point each day to check in.

All activities take place on the Rapier Field (All times are estimates)


Inspections are at the Marshal Point before fighting starts. Weapons must be inspected every day; Armor need not be inspected more than once at an event.

Rapier Melee Events

The Rapier Stewards for Potrero 2022 are proud to announce this year’s Rapier Events and Melee Scenarios! Our special events will feature both tournaments and exhibitions of skill, including a Torchlight Tourney, the annual Charity Cancer Tournament, and a Cut & Thrust Pas’d Armes.

This year’s Melee scenarios will have a theme: The Dungeon Crawl. Revel in the action and adventure of your favorite tabletop role playing games as you battle your way through the various quests and challenges. Fight monsters, take the treasure, and ride off into the sunset.

Battlefield Setup: Thursday at noon, as well as Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings at 9:00 am, volunteers will be encouraged to help set up the rapier field for the day’s events. Each day will feature slightly different adjustments to the field, and many hands make light work.

Marshaling: The Marshal of the War requests that each Fighting Unit provide one Marshal for each day. If we have no marshals or help with hay bales, we cannot run our scenarios. MITs (Marshals in Training) are also needed! Remember: you do not have to be a fighter to be a Marshal.

Water Bearing: Volunteers are needed to help with Water Bearing for fighters each day. Anyone is welcome to help bring water/gatorade/pickle juice to the fighters, as we will have bottles and bags for people to carry and distribute. Each fighting unit is encouraged to bring extra water, and individual fighters are encouraged to bring their own water as well.

Armor Inspection: Inspections will happen at the Rapier Marshal Point before any fighting begins. Any fighter found with substandard armor (Caid Kingdom Standards) will be ejected from the field until they have corrected the problem. They are free to get re-inspected for the remainder of the weekend.

Weapons Inspection: Starts at 9:15 AM Friday, Saturday & Sunday morning at the Rapier Marshalʼs Point. ALL weapons must be inspected and marked prior to entering the Field. All Spears and RBGs must conform to current Caidan rules.

Encouraged Equipment: Our scenarios will make use of both RBGs (Rubber Band Guns) and Spears throughout the weekend. We encourage you to bring both if you have them, and to ensure that they meet all safety requirements.

THURSDAY NIGHT @ 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM – “Rapiermania” Torchlight Tourney

Start off your Potrero Rapier experience right: at night!

All authorized rapier fighters are invited to the rapier field to enjoy a friendly and well-lit tournament under the stars. All are encouraged to celebrate an early start to Potrero… can you take home the prize for the victor? Tourney format to be determined, pending participation, but will be located at the Eriks near merchants.

FRIDAY MORNING @ 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM: Day 1: Enter the Dungeon

Join your friends and rivals for an unforgettable day of team-based combat. Bring your spears, your RBGs, and your love of adventure. Accomplish the objectives, protect your friends, and engage in your favorite fantasy tropes as we run through the day’s events. You may even have the opportunity to earn magic items that will help you in your quest…

Armor inspection will begin promptly at 9am with fighting to begin at 10am.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON @ 4:00 PM – Potrero War Cancer Charity Tournament

Please Come and Support the Potrero War Cancer Tournament as we join together in our fight to raise contributions for the Cancer Research Institute. This will be a $5 entry fee for all fighters who wish to enter and further donations are of course welcome, which will go to the organization. Non-fighter participants can donate to secure for more lives for fighters.

Come out to the Stone Tables and be a part of this event and those who are so deserving of our support!

SATURDAY MORNING @ 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM: Day 2 – Delving Deeper

Return to the Potrero rapier field for a second round of fighting. Rules will be the same as before, with both RBGs and Spears used in various scenarios. Don’t forget any magic items your team won from the previous day!

Armor inspection will begin promptly at 9am with fighting to begin at 10am.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON @ 3:00 to 5:30 – Cut & Thrust Pas d’Armes

Master Aleson Gray invites the populace to a traditional Pas d’Armes, where a pool of Tenans will encourage challengers to come forth and test their mettle. Chivalry will be valued above scorekeeping, and as such no win or loss ratios will be tracked. Instead, an overall champion will be determined by the participants at the end of the tournament, This person will be awarded a prize for being the “First Among Equals.”

This tournament will take place at the Eriks near merchants.

SUNDAY @ 9:0 AM to 12:00 PM – Day 3: Looting the Lair

Join us on the rapier field for the final day of scenarios, and the final quests of the dungeon crawl.

Armor inspection will begin promptly at 9am with fighting to begin at 10am.