In Caid, two forms are used for parents who allow their minor youth to attend an event with an adult who is not their legal guardian.

  1. Either a Minor’s Consent to Participate and Hold Harmless Agreement Waiver (PDF for a single child) OR a Family Consent to Participate and Hold Harmless Agreement Waiver (PDF for multiple children in one family) form is used to show a parent’s consent for their child to participate.
  2. A Medical Authorization for Minors (PDF) form allows medical treatment to be provided in the event of an emergency.

BOTH MUST BE SIGNED BY THE PARENT AND NOTARIZED. If you do not have this paperwork you will not be allowed to enter the park. Please bring 2 copies of these forms; one to leave at gate, and one to keep with the supervising adult at all times.

Parents/guardians must be aware of their children’s location and activities at all times while attending SCA functions. A curfew of 10PM is established for minors under the age of 18. This means they must remain in their camp unless escorted by a parent or guardian. Different levels of supervision are necessary for different age groups:

    • Lost children will only be released to a legal guardian over 18.
    • Children below the age of 5 should not be left unsupervised by the parent/legal guardian at SCA functions, even at planned children’s activities.
    • Children 8 years old and younger must wear the colored wrist ID bands obtained at Gate check-in.
    • Children 12 years old and younger should be in eyesight/earshot of the parent or a designated adult or teenager (as determined by the parent).
    • Children in this age range must be supervised and are not allowed to wander freely at official events.
    • Children 12 years old and younger are not considered suitable babysitters for younger children.

If children are found to be wandering without adult supervision, the parent or guardian will be issued a warning. If this occurs more than once, the child and his or her guardians may be removed from site and reported to the Kingdom and Society Seneschals.