Below is the list of merchants we currently have signed up to attend Potrero War. If you are interested in merchanting, please contact the Merchant Steward.

Thank you!


Aedelwulf Wares 
Art Supplies

All the Shiny Things!
Vintage & Costume Jewelry & Accessories / Trinkets, Tankards, Pouches, Feastware, etc.

Amicia’s Amenities
Pack flat furniture, herbal products, sundries, candles

Anaya Tribal
Bellydance garb & wares

Arkis Designs 

The Crown and Chalice
Jewelry, Enameled Medallions, Pottery, SCA Regalia

Designs By Kate
Men’s Garb and Accessories

Dragonfly House — Clothing, Medieval, Pirate, Renaissance, Middle Eastern, Fabrics, etc.

Govannon’s Forge
Period jewelry, wood carvings, mugs, and period forged items

Greystone Garb Brocade
Costumes, leatherwear, jewelry

Griffins Gate Clothing

Palmyra Traders
Silks, leather bottles, chatelaines, headwear, rope handled mugs

Queen Bee
Honey & Honey related products

Ring Weaver Chains
Chain Maille Jewelry

Rock Your World
Rocks, crystals, hand-crafted wire & gemstone jewelry, blankets, fox tail, hiking sticks, scarves, treasure boxes

Shoes For The Peoples
Custom Leather Boots

Table Top Witchy
Table top accessories such as dice, dice displays, dice storage, candles, notepads, treasure chests, etc.

The Silver Dragon
Jewelry, weapons, garb, tapestries

Simply Stylish
Clothing, socks, handwoven belts & trims

Le Souvent Tousvoir
Tarot readings & palm readings

Sun Fox
Sterling silver, bronze, pewter jewelry, drinking horns, & Viking themed shirts

T.L. Barnes Enterprises
Trim, accessories, buttons, cord, garb, jewelry

Thyme Traveller
New & experienced garb, accessories & reenactor supplies

To-Ply Fiber Arts
Looms, spinning wool, yarn, shuttles, beaters, various woodworking items, and dip pens

The Treasury
Reproduction period jewelry & dress accessories

Tres Sheikh
Clothing & leather accessories

Viking Krafts & Sable Fleur
Jewelry & knives

Wanderlust Import Trading Company
Jewelry, Instruments, Home Decor

Powder incense, tapestries, dragons


Café 94
Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Oscar’s Meat Pie Shack
Meat pies, sausage rolls, pasties, scotch eggs, soda & water

Mariposa Ice Cream
Ice cream