When does Potrero War take place?
Potrero War happens once a year over Memorial Day Weekend (last weekend in May). The event runs from noon Thursday to noon Monday.

Where is Potrero located?
Potrero County Park,
24800 Potrero Park Road,
San Diego County, California 91963

How many people attend the WAR?
Potrero War has attendance close to 2500.

What are the fees?
Booth space is $80 per 15′ x 15′ lot (this is subject to change). This includes the Gate Entry Fee for one person. There is a $5 discount if you send proof of SCA membership. Additional booth spaces are available for $30 per space (no additional entry fee and no membership discount).

When do I need to pay my fees?
You must pay all your fees with your reservation form. Reservations are not guaranteed until your paperwork and complete payment is received.

What is the Pre-Registration deadline?
April 11, 2022. But, this event is a very popular one with many merchants applying for a limited number of spaces. Even sending your registration prior to the deadline may not guarantee a space at the event.

When will I know if I am in?
You will receive a confirmation via email a few weeks before War if your application form is postmarked on or before the Pre-Registration deadline. You must bring this with you to the event. It is your proof of payment and reservation. Do not lose it, as it cannot be replaced.

I missed the Pre-Registration deadline, how will I know if I am in?
We strongly discourage missing the deadline, but if that happens, you will receive an email from the Merchant Steward.

How do I get my confirmation in this case?
After the deadline, you must contact the Merchant Steward at the event to get your space assignment and parking permits.

What about other people who work in my booth or camp with me?
All others associated with your booth need to Pre-Register. Be sure to put the booth name in the space where you list your household or affiliation. No one will be allowed on site to help with set up unless they are pre-registered.

What about bringing my kids?
All children MUST wear properly filled out ID bracelets; there will be no exceptions!
You must bring a properly completed and notarized waiver form for each child NOT your own. A Minor’s Consent to Participate and Hold Harmless Agreement Waiver (PDF), or Family Consent to Participate and Hold Harmless Agreement Waiver (PDF for multiple children in one family) form is used to show a parent’s consent to participate. A Medical Authorization for Minors (PDF) form is used to designate temporary guardianship; it allows medical treatment to be provided in the event of an emergency. BOTH FORMS MUST BE SIGNED BY THE PARENT AND NOTARIZED. Please bring 2 copies of these forms; one to leave at gate, and one to keep with you at all times.

When can I start setting up my booth?
Pre-Registered merchants arriving Wednesday may check in at Noon at Gate. Pre-Registered merchants and others associated with their booth may begin booth set-up at Noon on Wednesday. Only the Stewards and their official set-up crews will be allowed on the site prior to this time. There will be no booth set-up between 10PM and 8AM during the event. You must treat your neighbors with consideration. Hammering stakes at 2AM is not considerate.

Can you provide assistance with my booth set up?
Set up staff will not be available to help set up booths.

Is there parking close by?
Due to limited adjacent merchant parking, spaces will be on a first-come, first-served basis. When you arrive at the site, park your vehicle in either the paved or overflow merchant lots (see the maps). Please display your Merchant Parking Permit on the dash of the vehicle address side up!! It MUST be visible!!

What if I am handicapped?
There are “special permit” parking spaces for our merchants who require them, a handicapped placard is required. Please contact the Merchant Steward before the event to let them know of your need.

What about camping?
Pre-Registered merchants may camp Wednesday, but are limited to one camp space in the merchant area and only for those people with prepaid site fees. You will be required to pay the Park Rangers for the extra night. There will be no reserving of space for others arriving later. Perimeter booths may have additional space behind them for camping. If you wish to camp in your booth or space, you will be asked to camouflage your modern gear during the day.

Can I bring an RV?
There are a number of free, reservable RV spaces in the Caravan Circle around the Closed Ramada. Merchant R.V.s are permitted in the main R.V. camping, but you must Pre-Register and pay an additional $10 fee. R.V. hook-ups are available only in “Sleepy Hollow” and the Caravan Area around the Closed Ramada.

When will the Merchant Steward be available?
The Merchant Steward will be on site prior to the event and is available Wednesday through Monday from around 9AM to around 5PM. We will not be available between 7PM Friday night and 8AM Saturday morning. Nor will we be open or available during Court on Sunday afternoon.

Is there electricity?
Access to electricity is severely limited and available only to food merchants by prior arrangement. There are electrical outlets at the Open Ramada, but they are extremely limited and available by prior arrangement only. You must provide your own electrical cords.

Can I bring a generator?
Because of Park regulations, no portable generators are allowed.

Can I drive off the pavement to load/unload my vehicles?
Due to Park regulations, there will be no driving off the pavement. You will be permitted to park on the access road briefly to unload your equipment. A constable will be on duty to watch your equipment until you return from parking in a merchant parking lot. You may then move your equipment and merchandise to your space for set-up.

Can I listen to modern or amplified music?
ABSOLUTELY NO amplified or non-period music that can be heard beyond your booth is permitted during set-up or during the event. This includes the time from Noon on Thursday through Noon on Monday.

Can I sublet my booth?
NO SUBLETTING OF BOOTH SPACE WILL BE ALLOWED. If you reserve space and cannot attend, you may request a full refund by approximately two weeks prior to the start of the event You may not send a different business to use your space.

But I have a family emergency!
If you cannot attend due to extenuating circumstances or emergency, and wish to send an agent or employee to run your booth for you, you must have that individual see the Merchant Steward upon arrival to fill out a new MERCHANT AGREEMENT, since they will be the person responsible for your booth and selling space. No additional fee for this arrangement will be required.

Do I need a Seller’s Permit?
All merchandise sellers must have valid Seller’s Permits issued by the California Board of Equalization, please include a copy of your permit with your application. THIS IS REQUIRED BY MODERN LAW. No exceptions, even for out-of-state merchants. This means you must collect sales tax on all transactions and file all the appropriate returns.

I don’t sell merchandise do I still need a seller’s permit?
If you provide a service you will need the license associated with your service if there is one. If you have a permit already, bring it with you. If you do not, contact your local California Board of Equalization office on how to obtain a permit.

I don’t have a permanent seller’s permit, I am from out of state
If you have a temporary permit, write “pending” in the space marked for the permit number on the registration form, but be sure you report this information to the Merchant Steward before you set up at the event. See the following website for details: http://www.boe.ca.gov/sutax/faqseller.htm

If you do not provide a valid California Seller’s Permit upon arrival, you will NOT be allowed to set up.

I am a food vendor, are there extra requirements?
Food merchants must have a current health permit, a copy of this permit needs to be submitted with your paperwork, and be at your booth at all times. You must be familiar with all rules and regulations concerning the sale of food at the event.. It will be your sole responsibility to ensure all requirements are met;

Does the Board of Health ever inspect this event?
The Board of Health routinely inspects at our event, so be sure you are in full compliance with the regulations.

Can I discard my cooking oil or grey water on Merchant’s Row?
No grey water or cooking oil may be discarded ANYWHERE in Merchants’ Row!!

Is there running water available?
There is drinkable running water available throughout the Park, however you may wish to bring your own as access to faucets is somewhat limited.  PLEASE NOTE: The County has announced that the conditions at Potrero County Park will require a Boil Order for all Park water during Potrero War due to the presence of E.Coli. The Barony of Calafia will be arranging for potable water delivery which will be available to all attendees at Base Camp. You MUST provide your own water safe containers. Further, we encourage all attendees to bring additional water for their personal use where possible.
ALL water sources at the park are impacted by this boil order which means: All RV Spaces, All Public
restrooms, All drinking Fountains, All showers including the shower truck. It is recommended that no one,
including infants and pets, drink the water. E Coli may pose a special health risk for infants, young children,
some elderly and people with severely compromised immune systems.

Are there showers?
There are hot showers in the privy building in “Sleepy Hollow.” Additionally, the Barony has provided a shower truck at the Bedlam restrooms.

What about fires?
No ground fires are allowed in this Park. Use the steel fire rings provided or bring a safe fire pit (with at least a 12 inch clearance from the ground), and obey all fire laws and regulations that may be in effect at the time, whether or not they are mentioned here. If in doubt, please check the bulletin board at the Ranger Station for any fire warnings when you arrive at the site. Fire extinguishers are REQUIRED for every booth and tent. They must be visible. Remember, a fire in your encampment will probably be put out by your neighbors’ extinguishers.

Is the site secure?
While you are ultimately responsible for your own booth, the Constabulary will make their usual rounds during the event. Volunteers to assist with these watches are also appreciated. Please contact the Volunteer Autocrat when you arrive at the site if you would like to help out.

How do I contact the Steward?
If you have any further questions, or wish to vend at our event, please contact the Merchant Steward at: merchants@potrerowar.org