Cry havoc and release the dogs of war!

Hound Coursing is returning to Potrero War!

Bring your hounds to the Battlefield on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons from 3:30-4:30PM to partake in the Queen’s Hunt.

This is not a competitive event, and is open to every interested dog and human.

No dog? No problem! It’s great fun to watch for everyone!

What is hound coursing?

In the Middle Ages, sighthounds were a category of dog bred to “sight” and chase down prey. Probably the best known sighthound is the greyhound; sighthounds also include Irish wolfhounds, borzoi, whippets, and Scottish deerhounds. However, in the Current Middle Ages, we do not use live prey, but rather a lure (usually a shopping bag!) Simply put, we set up a circle of pulleys in a gently sloping circle and with the aid of an engine-driven coursing machine, run a rope (aka line) with the attached plastic bag around the circle. The hound chases the bag, and what a fantastic spectacle to watch a dog run for the sheer joy of it.

For more information about Hound Coursing at Potrero, please contact the organizer at

For more information about hound coursing in CAID, please visit the Hounds of Caid Facebook Page.