I did not get my Pre-Registration email. What does this mean and what should I do?

You should receive a response email from Google Forms once you’ve submitted your on-line registration form.  Check your spam folder.  If you have any questions, please contact PreReg Steward

Did you use a valid email address?  Do not use a restricted email address (such as earthlink) that requires registration or other additional steps.

Many hosting providers who use anti-spam filters may require you to add our emails to your whitelist file. Adding these emails will ensure delivery of your confirmation receipts.:

Where is my land allocation email?

There is no separate Land Allocation system this year.  Your land is automatically added to your camp when you submit your registration form.

Where will my camp be located?/ When will I know where my camp will be?
Land Allocation makes their best effort to accommodate your location requests, and the Camp Master for your group will receive an email AFTER Land Allocation closes with a rough idea of where your camp will be located.
The official camp layout is not finalized until the Monday/Tuesday before the event starts, when the Land Crew lays out the camps.

I am interested in teaching a class. How can I do that?

Arts & Sciences will be accepting class proposals. Please check back soon for more information on when this form will be available.

Where can I park my dragon (ahem… car)?

There are several parking spots throughout the site that you may park in. Please only park in spaces that are clearly marked. Many spots around the trees look like they are parking spots but they are not designated for cars as the tree roots are shallow and parking there will damage the trees. Do not park off-road or on any non-paved spot unless directed to do so by a parking attendant in the overflow parking lot.

How do I bring minor on site that is not my own child?

See our rules on minors and children.

Can we bring Alcohol?

Per the park regulations, alcohol in excess of 20% by volume is not permitted in the park. As a reminder, all guests agree to abide by the park rules and regulations when signing in at gate. If you have any questions about Potrero Park rules, you can look them up on the county park website here: http://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/sdc/parks/faqs1.html