ALL FIRES MUST BE EXTINGUISHED BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 11PM AND 7AM. This includes candles and candle lanterns. The only exception is propane stoves, lanterns, and fire pits that have an automatic shut off, which may be used at any time.

  • A fire is considered extinguished when it is cooled enough that it will not reignite when fresh tinder is added.
  • ALL flames of any type must be monitored at ALL TIMES.
  • Fire extinguishers are required for each tent, kitchen, and fire pit. Fire extinguishers must be visible and easy to access.
  • All candles and lanterns must be in enclosed containers.
  • Torches (of any kind) are forbidden.
  • No flames of any kind inside your tent or pavilion.
  • Fire pits/braziers must have at least a 6 inch vertical edge and be at least 12 inches off the ground. There must be a 10 foot clearing above and around all firepits. Flames must never extend more than 12 inches above the edge of the fire pit/brazier.
  • Patio heaters may be permitted at the rangers’ discretion. Any patio heaters must receive approval prior to the event. Please contact the Seneschal to inquire about use of patio heaters.
  • Violations of the fire rules will result in the camp being banned from having fires for the rest of the event. If a fire is ignited in a camp banned from fires, the whole camp will be removed from site without refund. The Parks Department may modify the campfire policy at any time.