Bardic activities will occur all weekend, including Open Arms Bardic Hall, Sunday Bardic Concerts, and Bardic Classes!

Open Arms Bardic Hall

Come join the Merriment!

Beneath the old oaks on the Main road entering Merchant’s Row the Lady Barbara atta Rose sold her wares with a smile and a kind spirit. Bardic Rose Point was established in her honor as a permanent home for bardic performances. Open Arms Bardic Hall has had the pleasure of being the embodiment of this bardic home.

Open Arms Bardic Hall was created by THL Belasset de Casal Drago with the help of her husband THL Denenwulf de Turascon. In 2018 we lost the beloved creator and proprietor of OABH. She was the heart and soul of OABH. She played such an important part in helping our community improve in so many ways and encouraging so many to find their inner bards and outer performers. She will be greatly missed by the entire community.

Open Arms Bardic Hall at Bardic Rose Point Schedule TBD

The Open Arms Bardic Hall hosts performances by the most gifted and talented bards, storytellers, musicians, dancers, entertainers and singers of the Knowne World. Come and marvel at the beauty of a dance, a haunting song of love or stories told of dragons and magic. Clap your hands as you sing loudly to a familiar tune. Bring a friend, meet a new friend and enjoy listening to song and stories filled with mirth, courtly love and tales of lore. Many thanks to the Potrero War staff, our volunteers, performers and the merchants of the war for all their help! Performances are posted daily in front of the Open Arms Bardic Hall at Rose Point.

If you are a performer, troupe or household and would like to schedule performance time while at Potrero, please contact the Bardic Stewards prior to Potrero War at While at Potrero War you may book a time by going to the Open Arms Bardic Hall during any of the open hours and arranging a slot with the Bardic stewards. We encourage new performers as well as those with a small repertoire to come and grace the stage.

Sunday Bardic Concerts

  • Do the Sunday War Blues get you down? Want to end War laughing until you cry? The Sunday Bardic Concerts at the Closed Ramada will help you squeeze more fun into the last hours of War than you ever thought possible!
  • Family Friendly Concert – Fun for all ages! Closed Ramada Schedule TBD
  • Bawdy Bardic Concert – 18 and over only, please! Closed Ramada Schedule TBD
Don’t miss out!

Bardic Classes

Bardic classes will be held at the Arts and Science Pavilion unless stated otherwise on the class schedule.
Please check class schedule for the updated schedule.

If you are interested in sharing your skills and knowledge about the Bardic Arts, please apply on the Arts & Sciences Class Proposal page and email with your class proposal.

Do you have a Bardic event you wish to have listed in the schedule? Interested in inviting bards to your public event? Contact your Bardic Stewards at for details and scheduling.”