The Marshal of the War requests that each Fighting Unit provide one Marshal for each day. Any authorized fighter (with a fighter dot) may be used as a Marshal. This marshal does not need to be one of the fighters, and may be signed up as an MIT at the event. If we have no marshals or help with hay bales, we cannot run our scenarios. MITs (Marshals in Training) are also needed! Remember, you do not have to be a fighter to be a Marshal.


Volunteers are needed to help with Water Bearing for fighters each day. Anyone is welcome to help bring water/gatorade/pickle juice to the fighters, as we will have bottles and bags for people to carry and distribute. Each fighting unit is encouraged to bring at least one flat of water for each fighter.


Inspections will happen at the Marshal Point before any fighting begins. Any fighter found with substandard armor will be ejected from the field until they have corrected the problem, they are the free to get re-inspected for the remainder of the weekend.


Starts at 10:30 AM Friday morning, and 9 A.M. Saturday & Sunday morning at Marshalʼs Point. ALL pole weapons must be inspected and marked prior to entering the Field. All combat arrows must conform to current Caidan rules. No experimental arrows will be used at this War.


Combat Archery (CA) will be allowed in every odd numbered battle with the following restrictions:

During bridge battles CA will only be able to fire while they are on the bridge. They will not be allowed to fire from the sides onto the bridge
There will be very little time between battles for arrow inspection. There will be time between each set of battles. Make sure you have enough arrows.

If there are large amount of CA on one side, it might be necessary to balance the number of CAs per side. We request that CAs work with the Marshallate and the Fighting Autorcrat to accommodate attempts at balance.

There might be restrictions on CA fields of fire during the castle battle, this will be determined by Marshallate and Fighting Autocrat after the castle is constructed.


Siege weapons will be allowed for most battles.

The placement of siege pieces will be done in review with the Marshalls and the Fighting Autorcrat, before each set of battles. This is for safety and fairness.

Siege weapons will have no effect on the walls of the castle.





Hay Bale Requirements

Average bale is 2 x 4 x 2

Bridge length 60 feet, 15 bales a side, 30 bales for bridge plus 6 at each end (12) to help form openings. Total of 42 bales

Will be set up at Potrero Rough Estimates are 100 bales