Welcome to archery at Potrero War!

There will be two shooting areas (the hay wall and the target mats). The times the range will be open are to be

Authorizations are not required for general shooting. Authorizations and renewals may be completed if you make an appointment with a marshal.

Range marshals and Range marshals-in-training (RMIT)

We will need range marshals on each line throughout the day. Please volunteer at least two hours of your time if you are a range marshal or RMIT. RMITs are welcome to work on their checklists at the war. Sign up to volunteer online, at Base Camp, or at the archery range.

Range assistants

We will also need volunteer range assistants at the check-in table and to help with equipment. Previous archery experience is helpful, but not required. Volunteers can sign up online, at Base Camp, or at the archery range.

Potrero Championship

The Potrero archery championship will include open, period, and crossbow divisions. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each division, as well as by rank in the open division. Crossbow shooters are requested to contact the archery steward in advance.

Royal Round Tournament

Royal rounds will be held throughout the event, and archers can enter as often as they like. Prizes will be awarded to the top overall scores, as well as by rank.


We need donations of prizes for the both the adult and youth archery competitions. Prizes don’t need to be archery related or new – items of general SCA interest and gently used items are welcome.

Loaner gear & instruction

Loaner archery gear will be available for archers who do not have their own. A limited amount of time will also be available for beginning archery instruction for both adults and youth.

Foam mats

We will be shooting at foam target mats again this year. Waxing arrows is recommended to make them easier to pull. Paste wax will be available at the range.

Open shooting

Open shooting will be available at the hay wall at scheduled times. Authorizations are not required, but archers should have previous archery experience. Beginning archers should attend one of the instructional classes first. Due to the popularity of shooting at the hay wall, the number of participants may be limited for safety reasons.

Events will begin promptly – Please arrive early to sign in. The schedule is subject to change due to inclement weather.